To initiate a virtual consultation, please provide the information requested, including photos. The information will be reviewed by a Certified CoolSculpting Clinician and a price estimate will be provided to you within one to two business days. Thank you.




    MaleFemale YesNo AbdomenLove Handles/FlanksUpper ArmsThighsChinBackMale ChestOther I'm ready nowI hope to do it soonI don't know. I'm still researching YesNoI don't know

    Please use the "Choose File" buttons below to select the requested images you would like to send. When you submit the form these images will be uploaded. Large images may take some time to upload. We can not process a virtual consultation without images.

    • Do not use a flash. Instead, take the photographs in a room with bright, natural lighting.
    • Have the photographs taken from a distance of 3 - 5 feet.
    • Keep the target in focus and centered in the frame.
    • Images MUST be smaller than 6mb each
    • Filetypes accepted are jpg, jpeg, png, and gif.

    Provide photos showing the following angles:

    Right Side View

    Front View

    Left Side View

    Very large images may take a few minutes to upload. Please be patient and wait for a confirmation message before navigating away from this page.

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