CoolSculpting Back/Bra Bulges

CoolSculpting for Back Fat and Bra Bulges

Back fat is pesky and problematic. While other areas of the body seem to respond well to diet and exercise, back fat tends to hang around, literally. Plus, it seems to know no boundaries. Back fat can show up as armpit fat, underarm fat, lower back fat, or the infamous “bra bulge.” As a result, shirts are tighter (or don’t fit at all) and bras are a nuisance.

Many of our clients express frustration regarding past attempts to minimize or eliminate back fat. It seems like nothing works. They are tired of putting in countless hours at the gym or eating healthy only to see armpit fat every time they look in a mirror. All they have to show for their effort is undue stress, frustration and a lower quality of life. CoolSculpting reduces back fat so clothes fit correctly, armpit fat disappears and bra bulge is a thing of the past. Many of our clients report increased levels of confidence after seeing themselves in the mirror with no back fat. CoolSculpting works.

What Causes Back Fat?

The hard truth is fat can accumulate anywhere on your body. Yet, there are certain factors that contribute to fat accumulation in your back. Take a look at the following list and take not of how many apply to you.

  • Poor sleep quality
  • Hormone changes ( excess amounts of cortisol)
  • Low physical activity
  • Aging
  • Consuming foods high in sugar, fats and calories
  • Metabolism conditions like hypothyroidism or insulin resistance (pre-diabetes).

Look at some of these contributing factors sheds light on the issue for those who consistently work out and eat healthy, yet still struggle with problem back fat areas. It seems like once fat is settles in problem areas, it likes to stay. Fat freezing may be the solution for you. Now let’s address a couple of other questions that commonly occur around the subject of back fat.

Can you treat Armpit Fat and the Front Bra Bulge with CoolSculpting?

Yes, we can treat armpit fat and the front bra bulge with CoolSculpting but we do need to qualify each area. Armpit fat is usually straightforward. However, sometimes excess tissue is the result of a lipoma instead of excess fatty tissue. An exam by an experienced clinician may should be performed to determine the nature of your excess tissue before a CoolSculpting procedure is initiated.

The same is true with front bra bulge. While back fat located near the back of the bra is pretty straightforward, front bra bulge requires a bit more attention. Before non-surgical fat reduction for the dreaded “bra bulge” can begin, an exam by an experienced clinician must be performed to determine whether the area is indeed merely excess fat or glandular breast tissue. Once the exam is complete and determinations are conclusive, your CoolSculpting procedure may be scheduled.

CoolSculpting Back Fat Before and After Photos

Below are some photos of DaVinci Body Sculpting clients who were treated with our CoolSculpting procedure to reduce back fat. Remember, each individual is unique so results will vary and not all results are typical. Yet, just look through the photos and see how much of a difference CoolSculpting made for these individuals.

CoolSculpting Back Fat Cost/Price

At DaVinci Body Sculpting, we understand the cost of CoolSculpting back fat and other problem areas is probably the largest factor in your decision. Often, we receive feedback from potential fat freezing candidates saying they wish we had prices available online. To be fair, if we could we would. However, this is not possible due to scope. Back fat encompasses several areas and each area has its own set of particulars and challenges.

Therefore, one potential client may want a price for armpit fat removal while someone else needs a price for bra bulge. Due to the specifics in these examples (and fat freezing in general) it is impossible to use a “one size fits all” pricing model.

The CoolSculpting prices for back fat are dependent upon how many applicators are needed and the size of each. Fat freezing clients may need more than one session or applicator. Discounts apply for multiple sessions or treatments. Call for special pricing and details.

Reviews of Back Fat CoolSculpting

Whether our clients have CoolSculpting to address back fat, front bra bulge or armpit fat, their reviews speak volumes. Our clients are overwhelmingly happy even recommending their procedure to friends and family. To read what DaVinci Body Sculpting clients have to say about their results, click here.