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DaVinci Body Sculpting

Freeze Your Unwanted Fat Away.

CoolSculpting is the world's #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure. It’s an FDA-cleared fat reduction treatment that uses controlled temperatures to freeze fat cells.

At DaVinci, CoolSculpting is only performed by our Certified CoolSculpting Clinicians. With years of experience treating patients and a track record of incredible results, we ensure our clients get the best results possible from their CoolSculpting treatment.

An Unparalleled Experience The DaVinci Promise CoolSculpting Certified

Every detail of the CoolSculpting experience has been thought of. From our pristine interior to our luxurious robes, plus food and entertainment options, our goal is to make your visit to DaVinci the best CoolSculpting experience available.

Why Choose DaVinci?
Because CoolSculpting
is All We Do.

While other medspas add CoolSculpting as a sideline, for us it is our specialty. CoolSculpting is our only service, so you know you're receiving expert care when you’re treated at DaVinci. Focusing on only one procedure helps us on our mission to be the best CoolSculpting provider in Houston.

Are You A Candidate?

CoolSculpting has worked for millions of people worldwide. There are certain body areas and types of fat where CoolSculpting works best, and certain conditions where CoolSculpting might not be right for you.

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Is For Men, Too

Both women and men enjoy the benefits of this quick, in-office procedure to look slimmer and have clothing fit better. We offer our clients an upscale yet inviting atmosphere so they can relax and freeze their fat away. We are also proud to offer Houston's first treatment room dedicated exclusively to CoolSculpting for men, the "Man Cave."

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CoolSculpting Pricing

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost? A single CoolSculpting cycle with one applicator starts at $750. However, CoolSculpting is not "one-size fits-all." You will not achieve your best results with a cookie-cutter approach. Our CoolSculpting Certified Clinicians build a customized treatment plan based on the specific body areas you want to address, to ensure that the end result will achieve your goals.

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