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Most CoolSculpting candidates are within 30 to 40lbs of their ideal body weight.

CoolSculpting is a perfect body sculpting treatment for people with diet and exercise resistant fat, usually within 30 – 40 lbs of their ideal weight.

Many people who fall outside the target weight range start by following a diet and exercise regime first, and then supplement their weight loss with a CoolSculpting treatment to improve their body’s overall appearance.

CoolSculpting is not a weight loss solution.

Fat does not weigh very much, so CoolSculpting clients do not typically see the number on the scale dramatically reduced. However, CoolSculpting does help reduce inches. Clients notice their clothes fit better and they like the way they look in the mirror. CoolSculpting helps contour the body to leave a more sculpted you.

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Even with the above information, only a physical exam by a physician or trained CoolSculpting clinician can truly determine if you are an appropriate candidate for the procedure.

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