Love Handles (Flanks) CoolSculpting

coolsculpting love handles flanksOne of the most common complaints among our CoolSculpting clients is their love handles — also described as flanks. In fact, the abdomen (stomach) and the flanks are our two most popular treatment areas.

When clients come in for their consultation, they describe bulges at the top of their pants and express frustration that they’ve tried everything imaginable, but no amount of diet and exercise will get rid of them. Of course, this goes for both men and women. Bulges in this treatment area are not exclusive to one gender, as you’ll see from the before and after photos on our website.

CoolSculpting (clinically known as cryolipolysis) can help reduce the bulges on your flanks by actually freezing some of the fat cells to death. Getting rid of your muffin top can not only make your pants fit better, but it can make you feel more confident in a bathing suit, slim fit top, or tight dress.

The flanks are one of the less complicated treatment areas we work with, but is often paired with other treatment areas close by, such as back or bra fat, and the abdomen. Here’s everything you need to know about CoolSculpting your love handles.

Am I a Candidate for CoolSculpting My Love Handles?

The ideal CoolSculpting candidate is near their goal weight, exercises regularly, maintains a reasonably healthy diet, and perhaps most importantly, intends to continue eating well and exercising in the future.

male torso love handlesIt may sound like people who fit this description — people who are dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle — wouldn’t have any use for CoolSculpting, but the truth is that most of them still have trouble spots. Our bodies don’t necessarily lose weight or get toned the way we want them to. It would seem as though our fat cells have minds of their own, living and congregating where they want to, no matter how many minutes of planks we do.

Fortunately for us, CoolSculpting can help us achieve our goals when diet and exercise have failed us by killing some of the fat cells in those trouble spots. However, it’s important to understand that cryolipolysis will not kill all the fat cells in any of the FDA-cleared treatment areas.

Even after treatment (even if you receive multiple treatments), fat cells will remain, and those fat cells will still be affected if you abandon your diet and forego exercise — and contrary to popular belief, gaining weight isn’t about gaining fat cells. When you gain weight, your existing fat cells are actually expanding.

Therefore, we encourage all our CoolSculpting clients to commit to a balanced, healthy diet and consistent exercise. Otherwise, the results of your treatment may go unnoticed or become obscured over time.

Consultation: Love Handles/Flanks

Much like the arms or chin, the flanks are relatively straightforward — but there are still some factors that would lead us to recommend a procedure other than cryolipolysis.

Some treatment areas have special considerations we must examine during a CoolSculpting consultation.

Our main objective during a consultation is to assess whether you’re a good candidate for this procedure. When you come in, we’ll discuss your goals and do a pain-free physical exam to see if CoolSculpting can help you achieve them. At DaVinci Body Sculpting, we don’t recommend cryolipolysis unless we believe it can actually help you.

CoolSculpting is only effective at reducing subcutaneous fat (fat cells just beneath the skin). It will not reduce visceral fat (like the kind commonly experienced in the abdomen). What we’re looking for is soft, “pinchable” fat on your sides — love handles, muffin tops, or any other excess fat we can pull away from your body.

However, if there’s too much pinchable fat, we may recommend you continue losing weight before undergoing CoolSculpting. The procedure will still be effective if you choose to go through with it anyway, but you may not be completely satisfied with the change in your appearance. As previously mentioned, your results will not be as noticeable if you’re not close to your goal weight or size.

At this time, we will also discuss other possible treatment areas that may help you achieve your goals. Many clients who’ve chosen to treat their flanks have also opted to treat their back (or bra) fat and abdomen. While some of our clients choose to do one area at a time, other choose to get it all done at once (or close together) for maximum results.

coolsculpting men fat torsoDuring our consultations, we do our best to not pressure potential clients into booking the procedure. We’ve actually turned people away because we don’t believe they’re good candidates before. (It’s true! You can read the reviews for yourself!) We don’t want you to undergo the procedure if you aren’t a good fit. You won’t be happy with the results, which isn’t good for anyone (not even us).

If we determine you’re a good candidate for the procedure and you decide to book your first session, we’ll take you on a tour so you can familiarize yourself with the facility and see the rooms where you may receive your treatments.

Male clients are even shown our exclusive Man Cave, an upscale spa environment where they can watch TV or movies and enjoy a complimentary drink while they undergo treatment.

Before we begin CoolSculpting treatment on your flanks, we’ll take “before” photos so we can get an accurate depiction of where you were before you started. While not many people enjoy taking these photos, it’s important that we get this data. It will help us (and you) determine how successful your results were, which will factor into whether you decide to opt for more treatments. Regardless, we’re confident you’ll enjoy taking your “after” photos.

CoolSculpting Love Handles/Flanks: Before and After

Here are some of the before and after photos of real DaVinci Body Sculpting clients who underwent CoolSculpting treatments on their love handles. You’ll notice in the photos that everyone is wearing similar undergarments — we provide these disposable undergarments in the office and ask that all our clients wear them while before and after photos are taken. This practice gives an extra layer of consistency and allows us (and you!) to compare the photos more accurately.

Please remember that results may vary from client to client, and that not all results are typical.

Before & After Photos

CoolSculpting Love Handles: Cost

For most of our clients at DaVinci Body Sculpting, the cost of CoolSculpting their love handles (or any other treatment area) is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not they’ll undergo the procedure. Of course, cost also plays a role in the number of treatment areas and sessions they’ll book.

We completely understand this concern, so we try to do everything we can to make CoolSculpting more affordable for everyone. We frequently offer special pricing for those who attend informational sessions at our facility. In addition, we typically offer monthly specials, multi-applicator discounts, and multi-session discounts. This is something we can discuss during your consultation, so be sure to ask.

Some people express frustration that they can’t get pricing on our website or over the phone. While we try to be as transparent as possible in our cost structure, we can’t provide an accurate estimate without actually seeing you and performing a physical exam.

weight loss menThe cost of CoolSculpting depends on multiple factors, including the client’s goals, how much subcutaneous fat is on the treatment area, how many applicators are required, and which applicators we’ll need to use (different sizes are different prices). There are simply too many variables for us to consider without a consultation.

We are always striving to provide the best CoolSculpting experience in Houston. Therefore, we’re dedicated to assessing our potential clients so we can give the most accurate estimates possible — and we believe realistic expectations are a part that experience. So while it may seem inconvenient to have to schedule a consultation to learn about pricing, we can assure you that doing so will make for a better experience, overall.

CoolSculpting Flanks Reviews

Unlike surgical procedures (such as liposuction) CoolSculpting performed on your flanks (or love handles, or muffin top) requires little-to-no downtime. The most commonly experienced side effects are coldness and numbness in the treatment area during, and directly after the procedure (this wears off rather quickly).

Regardless of the treatment area, our clients are by-and-large very happy with their CoolSculpting results. You can read more reviews from real DaVinci Body Sculpting clients here.

If you’re interested in learning more about CoolSculpting your love handles, get in touch with us today. We believe in your DaVinci Body and we’d love to help you achieve it!