Why Choose DaVinci Body Sculpting?

We could tell you why we think you should choose DaVinci for CoolSculpting, but instead, we decided to ask our clients. This is what they had to say:

“I chose DaVinci Body Sculpting because it had really good reviews online and after going and having my first treatment with Suzanne I couldn’t agree more. Although it is still too early to see any difference I know that I will in due time. Suzanne told me what to expect and she was completely honest and upfront with me. They are all very professional and courteous and the office is very clean which is a big plus for me!

I can’t wait to see my new chin and I recommend them highly.”

by J.G.

“As soon as I walked in the door I was comfortable. It was like I was walking into a friends home. The staff was so kind and welcoming. During my consult they didn’t upsell me nor did they promise unrealistic results. I went to three other consults before I went to DaVinci and it was a waste of time. This is THE place to be.”

by H.R.

“Staff were professional and courteous.”

by D.M.

“Loved the attention and personalized plan. She was great at explaining the procedure.”

by H.T.

“Knowledgeable staff and clean modern environment. Also for the guarantee if no noticeable changes. Location is very convenient.”

by A.C.

“When I first called the office I got such a welcome greeting from Phoebe and then when I showed up for my consult with Suzanne she was very professional. After these wonderful experiences I chose to drive from College Station for my procedure, it was worth it.”

by B.C.

“Lori was so kind, professional, and client with all of my questions. She also was very clear about the process, what should and could happen, what the expected results for my specific body type were… I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

by B.S.

“I choose DaVinci Body Sculpting because of the professionalism! When I went to the consultation, they answered all of my questions plus went in FULL detail of everything I needed to know. Not only did they measure me and show the different applicators, they also explained and showed how each application is different and why.”

by L.V.

“I came in to Davinci Body Sculpting for a CoolSculpting treatment consultation with Lori because I saw her on Facebook, the space is gorgeous!!”

by P.L.

“Great reviews; awesome staff!!”

by M.F.W.

“Beautiful new facility solely dedicated to only body sculpting.”

by D.N.

“They had wonderful reviews online but most importantly I like that their specialty and only service is CoolSculpting! I had a great experience at this facility and would highly recommend DaVinci to any of my friends!”

by A.R.

“They are very professional and treat you with respect.”

by L.S.


by H.P.

“First was the price. Second was that everyone in the office was so nice and nonjudgmental.”

by C.T.

“I like the reviews.”

by N.S.

“I chose DaVinci Body Sculpting for the results that I’ve noticed on their website from previous customers. They care about you and your results vs the big commercial chains. The office was super clean and nice.”

by A.M.

“Professionalism, focused service, organized, friendly”

by D.P.

“The reviews helped me choose to go and have a consultation. Meeting the staff (and) seeing the facilities, let me know that DaVinci was the place for me.”

by A.T.

“(They) only do CoolSculpting”

by U.M.

“Suzanne and the whole team really make you feel at easy and confident in your skin before you even get treatment. They are knowledgeable and extremely careful in the treatment! Compared to other fat loss procedures, CoolSculpting is by far the most eased healing and process…and DaVinci Body Sculpting specializes in CoolSculpting! So why choose any other place to go for body sculpting!”

by M.W.

“Your focus on pure CoolSculpting makes you masters of the art, and the consultation felt highly personalized.”

by D.L.


by L.N.

“Initially, because coolsculting is all (they) do. After my initial consultation, I felt even more confident with the knowledge and the personal attention and follow up. Suzanne is so good at what she does. I had the treatment one month ago and I can already see the difference.”

by S.M.

“Because I had such a positive experience, their team was very attentive and knowledgeable.”

by L.C.T.

“I have been wanting to try cool sculpting for so long, to help with breaking down the fat cells in my stomach area. I have seen great results from friends who have personally chose the treatment. However, my reason for choosing DaVinci was not only the reviews, but I had called around to so many different companies and they rushed me off the phone couldn’t really answer basic questions. DaVinci staff was very nice before I even scheduled an appointment, they answered my questions and more. I’m very big on communication and customer service and DaVinci showed me that so, it made me feel even more comfortable about trying this treatment.”

by M.W.

“I checked with a couple of different location and the hospitality of the employees, along with knowledge of the treatment is what locked in DaVinci for me. They took their time and answered all questions.”

by K.C.

“Great staff. Promising results”

by V.M.

“I chose them after seeing that they specialize in Coolsculpting only and they had excellent reviews! My consultation was great and so I didn’t hesitate to follow through with treatment.”

by B.M.

“I felt comfortable with the staff and was impressed by the cleanliness of the locale.”

by C.M.

“After doing research I found Davinci to be professional and clean.”

by L.P.

“I was looking for a reputable place with good pricing.”

by N.S.

“Passion and dedication deliver remarkable services.”

by T.L.

“Because of the PEOPLE. No other place made me feel this comfortable and understood. DaVinci Body sculpting has a fantastic, knowledgeable and caring staff that made me feel special.”

by S.C.

“Because it’s amazing!!!”

by S.B.

“DaVinci Body had wonderful reviews, and they also seemed incredibly professional. When I first called to ask about cool sculpting I could tell that they were more intent on answering my questions honestly then selling me on the treatment; which I really appreciated.”

by K.L.

“I did some research I saw that you only do the coolsculpting and it’s not just an additional spa service and your location is perfect.”

by B.A.

“Very responsive, respectful and friendly.”

by L.S.

“I chose DaVinci Body Sculpting because they were very responsive about initial inquiry and very supportive in explaining full procedure.”

by A.D.L.

“I did a lot of research on Coolsculpting as well as providers. I would say a good 4 months of research. What stood out most for me was the DaVinci promise. Everyone had photos to show of amazing results. Everyone had some sort of special but NOBODY else could guarantee any type of result. Well, I wasn’t doing it for “let’s just see how this turns out. “. I wanted to see something and KNOW I would see something. For the most part, I try to eat right, work out, all that. But I’m also busy. I’m a mom of 4. I work. I do the team mom. I do the homeroom mom. I like a lot of margaritas and I like to sleep. So- workouts don’t always fit in with what’s going on and Shake Shack and Chipotle get a lot of calls. If I had the time to do an entire fitness magazine of workouts I would. Even then, I would STILL carry unwanted fat in certain areas that will not move. I’m pretty sure it’s asked me to carve it out before. 😊 So, Coolsculpting seemed like the perfect answer. And NO downtime. So I can get right back to mom stuff and margaritas. I’d totally do it again.”

by D.C.