BACK to the Basics – CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting freezes (aka kills) fat cells through an FDA-approved technology called cryolipolysis. CoolSculpting is FDA approved for eight body areas including abdomen, flanks, thighs, lower back (flanks/love handles), mid back, upper back (bra bulge), banana roll, and the upper arms. When you come in for your treatment, the clinician will clean the treatment area and then measure and mark the applicator locations. The next step is to place gel pads on the marked areas which create a barrier between the skin and the applicator. Then, to begin the cycle, the applicators are placed and suctioned to the marked areas and begin to freeze the fat cells. 

After the cycle is complete your clinicians will massage the treatment area. This stimulates blood flow and will encourage your body to metabolize the dead cells. Your body will continue to metabolize the dead fat cells in the weeks and months following your treatment. Results can typically be seen around 12-15 weeks post-treatment. 

CoolSculpting – Treating Back Fat

The back is a large area of the body, so fat can accumulate is several places such as the lower back (flanks/love handles), under the armpit, and/or in the mid-back (bra bulges). Even if you are generally healthy and fit, the back can be one of the toughest areas of the body to reduce through diet and exercise. So, for many, having a non-invasive fat removal method that eliminates those little stubborn pockets of fat is very exciting! 

You can treat the entire back with CoolSculpting – lower back, mid-back, upper-back or the bra area and see some incredible results and that could have potentially taken years of strict dieting exercise to achieve.   

If you’d like to see the complete process at DaVinci Body Sculpting from consultation to treatment, check out our YouTube video featuring a full back CoolSculpting treatment for our lovely client, Courtney!

You can also watch her video testimonial here: 

Back Fat CoolSculpting Cost

The CoolSculpting prices for back fat are dependent upon how many applicators are needed and the size of each. CoolSculpting clients may need more than one session or applicator. So, the best way to get an accurate pricing estimate is to do an easy virtual consult with us! 

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