Emerging from Hibernation After My CoolSculpting Procedure

Like many, I just received my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and am looking forward to going back to bars and restaurants and finally hugging friends! Luckily for me, it’s also been exactly 4 months since my upper and lower abdomen, and side flanks were treated by Certified CoolSculpting Clinicians Lori and Emily at DaVinci Body Sculpting.

After my first session in December with Lori and Emily, I started taking Pilates classes hoping that in combination with the CoolSculpting, I would get visible results and be able to feel better about my body coming out of the pandemic. It was such a fun and unexpected side effect of the CoolSculpting experience with Lori and Emily at DaVinci to be inspired to take the investment in my body to the next level.

When I went in for my follow up visit last week, my weight was nearly the same (down 2 lbs), but the results were dramatic. Not only can you visually see a slimmer midsection in the before and after photos, but I feel more comfortable in my clothes. Most specifically, the muffin top over jeans has all but disappeared thanks to treating both my upper and lower abs and side flanks.

It was also so much fun to look at the before and after pictures with certified CoolSculpting clinicians Lori and Emily. They are both so knowledgeable about the process and how to evaluate results. They explained to me what I was seeing in the photos and about how the fat in my abdomen and back was shifting or redistributing in favorable ways.

Before & after results after one lower abdomen treatment

I was pleasantly surprised that I had such great results after only one treatment since many other CoolSculpting providers suggest 4 or 5 treatments for each area to see any results, but at DaVinci, CoolSculpting is all they do. CoolSculpting ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Therefore, they are “artists” in the way in which they position the applicators, how carefully they pay attention to proper binding and bed positioning techniques. Your Clinicians’ experience matters! And I am thrilled that I went to the right place to get results with just one treatment. I can’t wait for my second!

When I get to go out to bars and restaurants and get to embrace friends in a long-awaited hello hug, my abdomen will feel smoother and slimmer than ever. I am so grateful to both Lori and Emily for their expertise.

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