Get Rid of Thigh Chafing or “Chub Rub” | CoolSculpting for Curvy Women

The struggle is real! But CoolSculpting was made just for problems like these.

Thick thighs save lives – but they can also rub skin raw! For curvier women, the struggle with thigh chafe is real. Thigh chafing, also sometimes called “chub rub,” happens to almost every curvy girl. The severity varies depending on the size of your thighs, the time of year, and the clothing you’re wearing. For some women it’s a mild discomfort, for others it can literally rub away layers of skin, leading to sores and even bleeding. Ouch!

Women are nothing if not resourceful, and there are a ton of thigh “hacks” out there to help. Some women slather their thighs in cocoa butter or moisturizer. Others wear bandelettes, biker shorts, or sheer tights to prevent the skin from coming into contact. Many women use anti-perspirant, baby powder, or products specifically designed to combat thigh rub with names like Body Glide or “Thigh Rescue.”

These are all ingenious solutions, but they don’t solve the underlying problem – those inner thighs are rubbing together, causing friction and heat. For some women, weight loss may be a solution, but some women just have a build that makes thigh rub an issue at any weight. Others may love their curves and want to keep them, but wish they could do something about that chub rub.

One of the great things about CoolSculpting is that is allows you to target fat in specific areas – like the inner thighs. What does that mean for curvy women? It’s simple – CoolSculpting allows you to keep your curves while eliminating thigh chafing. No more butters, oils, or special shorts every time you go out in the summer.

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CoolSculpting isn’t a weight loss solution, it’s a body sculpting solution. It targets only the areas you want to treat. That means you can eliminate fat just on the inner thigh where it rubs together. This allows client to re-shape their inner thighs to reduce or even eliminate thigh chafing.

CoolSculpting eliminates far in targeted areas by using controlled temperatures to destroy fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue. These fats cells are then removed slowly by the body’s natural processes, so you’ll see your best results at 120 days after the treatment. CoolSculpting can eliminate up to 25% of the fat cells in the treated area, for a noticeable but natural look without surgery. CoolSculpting is totally non-invasive and treatments can take as little as 35 minutes to complete. Depending on your personal goals, you may need multiple treatments to achieve your desired result.

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