How Can We Promise CoolSculpting Results?

Certified and experienced Clinicians and the right treatment plan are the biggest factors in your results – just having the technology isn’t enough.

CoolSculpting Results are 70% Clinician, 30% Technology

It often surprises people when we say this, but it really does matter where you decide to get CoolSculpting. Having the technology is only part of the equation. The right treatment plan and Clinicians are the biggest factors in determining your results. At DaVinci Body Sculpting, all of our Clinicians are trained by Dr. John Bergeron in the art of body sculpting and are CoolSculpting Certified, which means they have gone through training directly from Allergan on how to perform CoolSculpting for the best results. That’s just one part of how we’re able to offer the DaVinci Promise

It’s common for some to be skeptical about CoolSculpting or even hear people claim that CoolSculpting didn’t work for them when they had the procedure at another med spa. Thankfully, some of those same people have given CoolSculpting another try at DaVinci – and now they swear by it!

Honesty is Our Policy

We want to help you achieve your best results – not sell you more treatments or add-on procedures.

One of the reasons we’re able to promise results is simple,  we’re honest! We’re going to tell you whether CoolSculpting is the best option for you in order to achieve your personal body goals. It can be hard to hear sometimes that you’re not a good candidate, or that CoolSculpting isn’t going to deliver the results you’re looking for, but we believe being upfront with our clients is the best policy. 

CoolSculpting works by freezing fat, so first we make sure that the problem really is fat versus something else – for example visible platysmal bands (aka turkey neck), which is caused by loose skin rather than fat. CoolSculpting is effective at treating certain types of fat (subcutaneous fat), which means especially for the abdomen (which can contain a lot of visceral fat), there may be cases where diet and exercise are going to be needed to reach your goals. We care about your results just as much as you do and will make sure CoolSculpting is the right procedure for you before proceeding with treatment. 

We Have the Right Tools

Choosing the right tools for the job is important. DaVinci Body Sculpting is a CoolSculpting Complete Practice (CCP), which means we have all the applicators available (multiples of every applicator, actually) and know how to select the correct one for the body area you desire to treat. That’s right, we have every single applicator, including the CoolMini and the CoolSmoothPro, which is the only non-suction-based applicator. During your consultation, we’ll create a plan based on your desired body goals and conduct a physical assessment to determine the appropriate treatment plan for your specific needs.

Creating the Right Treatment Plan

CoolSculpting Houston, TX

At DaVinci, we thrive on the collaborative approach. We listen to your goals and work together to develop a treatment plan designed to meet your specific needs. Creating the right treatment plan for you involves things like selecting the right applicator(s) and determining the right number of treatments for the area we’re treating. It also means placing applicators so that they complement your body’s natural shape, taking into consideration not just the immediate pocket of fat but also the surrounding areas. 

We want you to be happy with your results, and that means being upfront about how many applicators and how many treatments it’s going to take to get a result that you’ll be satisfied with! Sometimes that means more treatments than you might expect walking through the door. For example, it’s common to assume that to treat the love handles you’d use two applicators, one on each side. But depending on the size, shape of the area, and length of your torso, we may actually need multiple applicators per side. Otherwise, you could end up with what is known as “shelving” because the treatment plan didn’t take into account your whole body shape. That’s something we want to avoid. 

We Value You and Your Comfort!

CoolSculpting Houston, TX

CoolSculpting will work a little bit differently on everyone, and we want to ensure that no matter what, all of our clients have a good experience and see the results they were promised. At the end of the day, even with the best treatment plan and clinicians, some clients may still need additional treatments. That means re-treating clients if we do not see a 20-25% reduction in the treated area. Having the DaVinci Promise demonstrates that we value you and are a trustworthy CoolSculpting provider that stands by our commitment, and, hopefully, gives our clients an added sense of comfort. 

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