The 4 Best CoolSculpting Areas for Men

CoolSculpting is for men, too! Both men and women have stubborn fat – but the areas that you might want to treat can be very different. Here are four areas where men can maximize their results from CoolSculpting.

Love Handles

Both men and women can develop love handles, but they’re especially noticeable in men. Due to higher testosterone levels, men tend to deposit more fat around the midsection, which means a tendency to develop love handles more easily than women. Because men in general have thinner hips than women, the additional fat gain around this area tends to be more noticeable. And men’s clothing options don’t really offer the option to hide love handles with shapewear or high-waisted jeans! All these things mean that love handles tend to be a bigger source of frustration for men than women.

CoolSculpting results on male love handles – results after 120 days. Actual Client of DaVinci Body Sculpting Houston TX.

The good news is that CoolSculpting is really effective at reducing the appearance of love handles! Those same characteristics that make them so grabbable also make them easily treatable with one of our many applicators. Because they’re located outside the abdominal cavity, love handles are composed of subcutaneous fat, which makes them ideal for CoolSculpting.

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Those same higher testosterone levels that cause most men to develop fat around their midsection (rather than in the lower body) also mean that men tend to deposit more fat in the stomach area than women. This is counter-productive and very frustrating if you’re aiming for those envied six-pack abs. CoolSculpting can give great results on the abdomen for many men, reducing fat and helping your work in the gym show through.

CoolSculpting results on male love handles – results after 120 days. See more male abdomen CoolSculpting results.

Again, CoolSculpting only affects the subcutaneous fat. While love handles are entirely subcutaneous fat, the abdomen is a mix of visceral and subcutaneous fat. If you can “pinch an inch” of belly fat, then CoolSculpting can help reduce that fat. On the other hand, a tight “beer belly” stomach is a sign that you may have a lot of visceral fat that can’t be eliminated through CoolSculpting. Everyone is different, so a consultation is needed first.

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The chest is one CoolSculpting area that’s very specific to men. It’s a less common complaint among men than love handles or the abdomen, but it’s still an area that many men gain weight in. Many men are self-conscious about their pecs, especially when it begins to affect the way their shirts hang. They’re often-called “man-boobs,” and that definitely doesn’t carry a positive connotation. Although we’d love to have a world free from body-shaming for men and women, I’ve got a feeling we’d still have a lot of guys who want to treat the chest area no matter what we called it.

Results after 120 days. Actual client of DaVinci Body Sculpting, Houston TX.

When treating the chest, proper placement of the applicators is key to achieving the desired result. Even so, the results from CoolSculpting are going to be less pronounced than in areas with larger fat deposits. It’s also important to rule out any hormonal imbalances that might be causing gynecomastia. Some conditions might require medication or surgery to correct.

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You might not think about the chin as an area specific to men, but when I say the words “chiseled jaw line,” what do you think about? There’s no doubt that a strong jawline is a pretty desirable feature for most men. While CoolSculpting can’t fix an underbite, it can help define your jawline, giving you a more pronounced, younger-looking profile.

Actual client of DaVinci Body Sculpting, Houston TX. Results after 120 days. See more CoolSculpting Chin results.

With the chin, it’s important to determine that the problem is excess fat in the area, and not loose skin. CoolSculpting freezes fat in the area but it won’t reduce or eliminate excess skin. Everyone has a little bit of fat under the chin, but if your skin laxity isn’t good under the chin, then removing that fat can actually make the problem worse.

That’s why it’s important to choose a CoolSculpting Certified provider that you can trust. At DaVinci Body Sculpting, we want you to be happy with your results. We’ll never suggest a treatment if it’s not going to achieve the results you want, and we’ve often dissuaded clients from performing treatments on areas where CoolSculpting isn’t the best option for them.

Learn more about CoolSculpting for men or visit the Man Cave, our CoolSculpting treatment suite designed just for men with three TVs and complimentary mixed drinks.

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