Top 3 Ways to Lose Arm Fat (Without Surgery)

arm fat

Want to know how to lose those bat wings? Here are the top three ways to reduce the size of your arms without going under the knife. #3: Exercise We’ll say it until we’re blue: there’s no evidence that you can spot reduce fat in specific body areas through exercise. […]

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3 Reasons Not to Get CoolSculpting

1. I Literally Don’t Have 35 Minutes to Spare What? You don’t have 35 minutes? We’re sure there are people out there who really don’t have 35 minutes to spare. CEOs, globetrotters, celebrities, new mothers. But when even world travelers like Sonja Morgan and Johnny Weir are taking time to […]

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What Can I Do to Improve My CoolSculpting Results?

CoolSculpting Houston TX

It’s a question we hear a lot. A lot of people want to know how to get the optimal results out of CoolSculpting, which is great! CoolSculpting is an investment in your body, and like any investment, you want to take care of it. That said, there’s no “rocket booster” […]

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8 Celebrities That Swear by CoolSculpting

Even the best trainers and diets can’t keep you looking this good. From wine bellies to revenge bodies, learn which celebrities maintain their camera-ready physique with a little help from CoolSculpting. […]

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Is CoolSculpting Permanent?

How CoolSculpting Works CoolSculpting works by using very cold temperatures to freeze fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue. Those frozen fat cells are dead. Kaput. Finito. The dead cells still there temporarily, in your arms, your chin, your thighs, you belly – which is why you won’t see immediate results […]

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The 4 Best CoolSculpting Areas for Men

Both men and women can develop love handles, but they’re especially noticeable in men. Due to higher testosterone levels, men tend to deposit more fat around the midsection, which means a tendency to develop love handles more easily than women. Because men […]

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3 Best Ways to Lose Thigh Fat (Without Surgery)

Lose Thigh Fat

#3: Aerobic / Cardiovascular Exercise Let’s go ahead and get it out of the way: there’s no scientific evidence that you can reduce fat in certain area like the thighs (also called “spot reduction”). So what’s different about aerobic exercise, and why should you focus on this instead of doing […]

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CoolSculpting Side Effects and Risks

CoolSculpting Side Effects Risks Houston TX

CoolSculpting has quickly become one of the most popular ways to reduce fat in trouble areas. Most often, people who are close to their goal weight, but are still struggling to get rid of stubborn fat turn to CoolSculpting because it’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s far more affordable than […]

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Fat Freezing

A photo of a family of four walking barefoot in shallow water on a beach.

Fat freezing has quickly grown into one of the most popular ways to reduce fat. Here’s everything you need to know about freezing fat cells before you try it. In the never-ending quest to feel comfortable in our skinny jeans, fat freezing has become a popular way for many people […]

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